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Welcome to Yokohama! #1 Popular Tourist Attractions in Minatomirai

The City of Yokohama receives assistance in writing reports from everyone at Tsuzuki Junior Editorial Board, located in Tsuzuki Ward, home to Yokohama International Pool and site of the British Olympic Team’s preparation camp.

Today, we’ll try a different style of article, introducing some nice tourist spots which we recommend in Yokohama and Tsuzuki for all of the British national team to try. Although everyone is going through difficult times and should stay home right now, we hope you will find it helpful when you visit Japan for your preparation camp next year!


Please check it out!

Cup Noodles Museum – Jotaro Yamamoto

So, what do you do when you feel hungry after a long day? Do you cook something just for yourself or do you ignore the hunger and go to bed? Here’s what I do. I eat instant noodles, which are quick and easy. Today, I want to tell you about the Cup Noodles Museum where you can have fun learning about instant noodles.
Cup Noodle was originally a brand of instant noodles and rice sold by Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd., which is a Japanese food-processing company. The Cup Noodles Museum commemorates the invention of the world’s first instant noodles by the company’s then president, Momofuku Ando.

When you first step into the museum, you will find a giant artwork of a Cup Noodle, and lots of visitors take photos here first. Then, when you go up to the second floor, you will find many exhibits on cup noodles up to the present day, clearly showing how instant noodles were invented after President Ando came up with and developed the idea.
As you go on to the upper floor, there is a hands-on experience area where you can actually make your own Cup Noodle. This is very popular, and you can start from the basics including kneading and stretching the dough, and choose flavors and ingredients to make your own Cup Noodle.
There is also an indoor attraction called Cup Noodles Park, which offers a virtual experience of being a noodle and going through the entire manufacturing process (for 12 and under only), as well as a gift shop where you can find original items. People of all ages can enjoy and learn, so why not visit the Cup Noodles Museum and appreciate a cool aspect of Japan?

All about Nippon Maru Memorial Park – Moko Matsuyama

Nippon Maru Memorial Park is a park in front of the Yokohama Landmark Tower where there is also a huge ship called Nippon Maru. It’s a hilly park, so it’s good exercise to run around the area. In addition, by going up the hill you can enjoy wonderful views of beautiful trees like oaks, and also a Ferris wheel. It is a unique and breathtaking sight which can be seen only in Minatomirai. Please go and visit Nippon Maru Memorial Park. It’s my favorite place!

Dockyard Garden, from the past to the future – Mirai Yamamoto

My hometown, Yokohama, is a beautiful city which has both historical and modern buildings as well as lush greenery and flowers. The symbol of Yokohama is a building called Yokohama Landmark Tower, which is located on a former dockyard. This dockyard, known as the 2nd Yokohama Dock, is the oldest extant stone-built dock in Japan for merchant vessels. This historic dockyard was restored to preserve it for the future. The Dockyard Garden is now surrounded by many restaurants, and it’s a lively area and great place to visit with family and friends.

Moreover, a show with projection mapping is held at night. I once saw the show with “STAR WARS” projection mapping with my family, which was dramatic and impressive. It was also interesting to see the show using the latest technology set in a dockyard that has a long history. You should go there!

The view from Osanbashi Pier – Riko Hiraishi

As an attractive spot in Minatomirai I recommend Osanbashi Pier. This Pier is both a domestic and international passenger terminal in Yokohama Port. Completed in 2002, the original steel pier was constructed about 130 years ago and has undergone renovation and reconstruction six times.
The best thing about the pier is that the passenger terminal has a roof garden which is open to the public 24/7. It features an eco-friendly wood deck and also a lawn area. It is popularly known as “Whale Back” because of its image of a giant whale in the ocean, and it gets busy with people when huge cruise ships arrive and leave. Because Osanbashi juts out into the bay, it provides outstanding views of all the tourist spots which symbolize the Minatomirai area such as Cosmo Clock 21, the giant Ferris wheel, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama Landmark Tower, Intercontinental Yokohama Grand Hotel which is designed like a sail, and Yokohama Bay Bridge on the other side.

I especially recommend visiting to see the views around sunset. Mt. Fuji rises up behind the Minatomirai area and is lit by the fading sun; it’s a breathtaking sight that will revitalize you. If you would like to get everything in Minatomirai into one picture, Osanbashi is the best place. Please visit and take photos as a memory of Yokohama.

About Tsuzuki Junior Editorial Board
Tsuzuki Junior Editorial Board started out life in 2009 as a commemorative project in Tsuzuki Ward to mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Port of Yokohama, and the 15th anniversary of the creation of Tsuzuki Ward. Today, junior reporters ranging in age from the 5th grade of elementary school to high school students. They go out and collect news materials, which they use to write articles. They cover not only Tsuzuki Ward but the City of Yokohama as a whole, giving full play to their perspectives and abilities as children.