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Welcome to Yokohama! #2 Popular Tourist Attractions in Tsuzuki & messages to the athletes

The City of Yokohama receives assistance in writing reports from everyone at Tsuzuki Junior Editorial Board, located in Tsuzuki Ward, home to Yokohama International Pool and site of the British Olympic Team’s preparation camp.
Today, we’ll try a different style of article, introducing some nice tourist spots which we recommend in Yokohama and Tsuzuki for all of the British national team to try. Although everyone is going through difficult times and should stay home right now, we hope you will find it helpful when you visit Japan for your preparation camp next year!


Please check it out!

Yuina Tsukioka

Let me introduce some nice spots in Tsuzuki, Yokohama today. We have a wide variety of attractions here, from sports facilities to refreshing spots such as Yokohama International Swimming Pool, which is the most popular place in Tsuzuki, and a strawberry picking farm. There is also a huge shopping mall with many shops, where you’re sure to find some favorite items or shops.

I particularly recommend the beautiful views everywhere. For example, there is a hill in Yamada Fuji Park located near Yokohama International Swimming Pool where you might be visiting around the time of the Games. Climb up the hill for an unforgettable view of the entire town of Tsuzuki. The footbridge in Nakagawa Street is elaborate and is sometimes used as a film location. We have many other beautiful, fascinating and attractive places, so please visit when you have time. Please do your best during the Games in Japan and good luck in the Olympics and Paralympics. You can do it!

Naoki Kikuchi

Thank you for the opportunity to see your impressive and cool training at the open training session in July 2019! All of you were so kind and entertaining, and it was nice and fun to spend time together.
By the way, do you have any favorite place in Tsuzuki? While there are many shopping malls, I think Tsuzuki is a great place to live with lots of greenery such as rice paddies, fields and roads set in nature.
I was surprised to learn there is a Chinatown in the UK. We also have a very big Chinatown in Yokohama where we live, so please visit it.
Through the open training session and the interview with you, I now want to support not only Japanese teams but also the British teams at the Olympic and Paralympic Games! GO GB!

Kiyori Tanaka

I was able to learn a lot about the relationship between the UK and Japan by joining the interview for GOGB Website (Open Training Session?). In 2019, I watched the Japan Para Swimming Competition and visited the British Embassy, and this year I joined the open training session to cover the Team GB pre-camp and write news articles. Over the past two years, I greatly enjoyed interacting with people involved in the Olympic and Paralympic Games beyond the barriers of language and country.
I have never been to the UK, and there were many things I didn’t know about the culture and sports. However, I learned a lot by experiencing British culture. We explored our cultural differences and similarities and discovered new things.
I haven’t had many opportunities to meet people from overseas, but having joined the open training session, I now feel more familiar with British athletes, and seeing them working so hard really inspired me. I hope all the British athletes do their best at the Olympics and Paralympics.

 Mao Shimizu
I love swimming and have been taking lessons since I was in kindergarten. Swimming is a big part of my life. In the summer of 2019 at Yokohama International Swimming Pool, I had a great opportunity to see British athletes who will participate in the next Olympic Games do their training, and to learn what’s important for them as professional swimmers. I learned that they swim 12-14 km a day in their training and also monitor what they eat depending on their condition. I learned that’s what it takes to be a true professional athlete.
I visited the British Embassy in Tokyo as a junior reporter and learned about British hospitality and culture. This visit made me feel an affinity with and interest in the UK. I look forward to seeing the British athletes compete in various sports including swimming and athletics and deliver outstanding performances. We hope Team GB will win many medals after their hard training!

 Yukiteru Tsukide

Tsuzuki is the top producer of Komatsuna, or Japanese mustard spinach, in Japan. What is special about Komatsuna is that it goes well with any dish. For example, it’s good for Aglio e Olio, stir-fried with dried young sardines and dried shrimp or stir-fried with pork and wood-ear (Kikurage) mushrooms. Komatsuna is rich in nutrients such as calcium, iron and beta-carotene, and contains more calcium and iron than most other vegetables.
In addition, people in Tsuzuki are very kind and helpful, so if you need help, just ask!
I take swimming lessons at Tsuzuki Swimming Pool, so I would like to see a swimming race at the Olympics. I wish you all the best.

 Kokono Hirota

There are many recommended attractions in Tsuzuki, Yokohama where we live. I especially recommend all the vegetables grown in Tsuzuki and the green parks. The best seasons for vegetables harvested in Tsuzuki are cabbage in spring; cucumber, potato, tomato and eggplant in summer; cabbage and eggplant in autumn; and komatsuna, spinach, radish, taro and carrot in winter.
I particularly recommend Komatsuna, Japanese mustard spinach. In 2003, Tsuzuki was the top-producer in Japan. Try our Komatsuna, it’s so good!

The next thing I recommend is the many parks in Tsuzuki, which are green and beautiful. Especially, Tsuzuki Central Park has many cherry trees, which are so beautiful when they are in full bloom in spring. You can enjoy walking around the park while viewing the beautiful cherry blossoms. I also recommend Yamada Fuji Park, which has plum trees with their own beauty. The plum trees feel so Japanese. I hope you all enjoy walking in the park while appreciating the beauty of Japan, and that the Olympic Games will be a great success. I look forward to seeing you all here in Tsuzuki.

About Tsuzuki Junior Editorial Board
Tsuzuki Junior Editorial Board started out life in 2009 as a commemorative project in Tsuzuki Ward to mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Port of Yokohama, and the 15th anniversary of the creation of Tsuzuki Ward. Today, junior reporters ranging in age from the 5th grade of elementary school to high school students. They go out and collect news materials, which they use to write articles. They cover not only Tsuzuki Ward but the City of Yokohama as a whole, giving full play to their perspectives and abilities as children.