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【Kawasaki】With 100 days left before the Tokyo 2020 Games, Kawasaki City launched and sent a video message to the GB teams

Two new videos to show our support for the GB teams have been released 100 days before the Tokyo 2020 Games

Kawasaki City has produced a series of three videos this year to send messages of support to the British Olympic and Paralympic teams ahead of their pre-training camp at Todoroki Athletics Stadium in Kawasaki.

On Wednesday 14 April, 100 days before the opening of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, two of these three videos were newly released: ‘One Team’ by the Mayor of Kawasaki and his staff, and ‘GOGB with Kawasaki school children’ by primary school children in Kawasaki.

Video Message Series (1): ‘We will make Kawasaki your home’ (released on 19 Jan)

In this video, some of the supporters who volunteer at the pre-Games preparation camp at Todoroki Athletics Stadium are relaying their messages taken with famous places in Kawasaki City in the background to convey the theme ‘We will make Kawasaki your home’.

[NEW] Video Message Series (2): ‘One Team’ (released on 14 Apr)

In this video, Mayor Fukuda, the three Deputy Mayors, Speaker Yamazaki, Vice Speaker Hanawa, other Kawasaki City Council members, Kawasaki City Office staff, and Todoroki Stadium staff wear matching TEAM KAWASAKI uniforms and masks to convey their feelings of welcoming the event as ‘One Team’.

[NEW] Video Message Series (2): ‘GOGB with Kawasaki school children’ (released on 14 Apr)

Including interviews with children and teachers, this video is an edited version of a comprehensive classes to learn about the UK and a performance to support the UK at a public elementary school in the city. The children are saying ‘GO GB’ and cheering for the British national teams.

The three elementary schools which participated in the video are as follows:

  • Fifth graders and teachers of Nishimaruko elementary school in Kawasaki City
  • Third graders and teachers of Shimosakunobe elementary school in Kawasaki City
  • Fifth graders and teachers of Shimonumabe elementary school in Kawasaki City

(All grades as of March 2021)

◆The video can also be viewed on Kawasaki City’s official YouTube channel.