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British Olympic and Paralympic Teams for Tokyo 2020 Start of the pre-Games training camps in the City of Yokohama and Kawasaki City and at Keio University

The pre-Games training camps of the British national teams for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will start in the City of Yokohama and Kawasaki City and at Keio University. The pre-Games training camps that will transpire this time are the fruit of all the coordination and preparation that has taken place since 2016 between the British teams and the three partners of the City of Yokohama, Kawasaki City, and Keio University.

When holding the pre-Games training camps, the British national teams and the City of Yokohama, Kawasaki City, and Keio University will collaborate to ensure that the camps are operated in a safe and secure manner throughout their duration by thoroughly implementing measures against infections based on the “Tokyo 2020 Playbooks” released by the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, national government, etc.

1. Outline of pre-Games training camps

[Size of British national teams] approx. 600 people (Olympics), approx. 200 people (Paralympics)

Yokohama International Swimming Pool (City of Yokohama)

Camp duration: July 12–August 5, 2021 (Olympics only)
No. of users: approx. 50 people (Olympics)
Events: Swimming (race) /Artistic swimming / Diving

Kawasaki City Todoroki Athletic Stadium, Sub Stadium (Kawasaki City)

Camp duration: July 9–August 2, 2021 (Olympics), August 14–September 2 (Paralympics)
No. of users: approx. 200 people (Olympics), approx. 100 people (Paralympics)
 Olympics: Athletics / Football /Rugby
 Paralympics: Athletics

Keio University Hiyoshi Campus


Camp duration: July 8–August 7, 2021 (Olympics), August 13–September 1 (Paralympics)
No. of users: approx. 400 people (Olympics), approx. 100 people (Paralympics)
 Olympics: Gymnastics / Fencing / Hockey / Boxing / Basketball  / Badminton /Archery /Taekwondo / Judo / Weightlifting / Table Tennis /Modern Pentathlon etc.
 Paralympics: Archery / Judo / Powerlifting / Taekwondo / Wheelchair Fencing

In addition to the 3 facilities mentioned above, the following 2 facilities are also scheduled to be used.

Yokohama Country Club

[Method of use] Golf course not being utilized by ordinary customers will be used for running
[Period of use] July 16–July 31 (early mornings, evenings)
[Events and no. of users] Athletics (road) and other events; approx. 30 people

Pacifico Yokohama Pedestrian Deck

[Method of use] Part of the Deck will be sectioned off to prevent contact with local citizens and used for light exercise, including jogging and training
[Period of use] July 9–July 28, 2021 (mornings only)
[Events and no. of users] Boxing, soccer, field hockey, and other events; approx. 50 people

*Staff of the British Olympic Association (BOA) will conduct advance preparations at each facility in order from July 1.
*Because some athletes will train at multiple facilities, there may be some overlap in the figures for the number of users of each facility.
*The above information is current at the time of issue and may be subject to change in the future.

2. Measures against infections for the safe and secure operation of the pre-Games training camps

In order for the British national teams to conduct the pre-Games training camps safely and for local citizens to welcome the British national teams with peace of mind, the following primary measures will be put in place based on the “Tokyo 2020 Playbooks” (International Olympic Committee [IOC], International Paralympic Committee [IPC], Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) and instructions received from the national government, in addition to the thorough implementation of basic measures against infections, including the avoidance of the 3Cs (closed spaces/crowded places /close-contact settings), maintaining social distance, wearing masks, washing hands, disinfection, etc.
Appropriate action will also be taken to implement any measures that are required to adapt to daily changes in the situation, such as the mutated strains that have been appearing and spreading since the end of last year. (The following measures were current as of June 30, 2021)

 (1) Measures against infections to be taken by the British national teams at the time of leaving the UK and entering Japan

  • Team members will start to self-isolate from two weeks before departure and undergo a total of 5 tests during the self-isolation period.
  • Team members will undergo daily tests over the three-day period prior to departure, obtain a certificate of negative test results, and submit this when going through Quarantine or Immigration.
  • Team members will submit a health monitoring record for the 14-day period prior to arrival.
  • Team members will undergo a test at the airport upon arrival (and will remain in the designated waiting area until the test result is known).

 (2) Measures against infections to be taken by the British national teams over the duration of the pre-Games training camps

A. Screening tests
Athletes, etc., staying at the pre-Games training camps will undergo daily tests.

B. Managing the movements of athletes, etc.
The movements of athletes and other team members will be restricted to return journeys to and from their places of business, such as the accommodation facilities and training venues.

C. Measures to avoid contact with local citizens

  • Team members will not use public transportation and will travel by private vehicle.
  • Contact with other guests will be avoided in accommodation facilities, and team members will stay on separate floors and use dedicated routes.
  • Contact with other guests will be avoided when taking meals and team members will in principle use the dedicated venues inside the accommodation facilities to eat and drink.
  • Training venues will in principle only be available for use by the team members and the entry of nonrelated parties will be prohibited.

 (3) Measures against infections to be taken by related parties of the pre-Games training camps

  • Municipal employees and related parties of the pre-Games training camps at the accommodation facilities, training venues, etc., will undergo vaccinations (optional) and conduct body temperature and health checks from 14 days prior to their engagement in any concerned activities.
  • Related parties will undergo regular tests in accordance with the frequency of their contact with the British national teams.


[Team GB Chef de Mission for the Tokyo Olympic Games, Mark England]

We are extremely proud and grateful for the ongoing support that we have received from our valued partners in Yokohama, Kawasaki and Keio University in ensuring that we can provide the optimum Preparation Camp for Team GB athletes before they compete at the Tokyo Olympic Games.
The health and safety of the Japanese public and of the athletes and our delegation remains our number one priority and we know that our Preparation Camp partners have gone above and beyond to guarantee the safety of everyone when we arrive in country later this month.

We will fully comply with all COVID-19 Countermeasures pertaining to the official Games ‘Playbooks’ produced by Tokyo 2020/Japanese government and ‘Host Town Acceptance Manual’ to deliver safe and secure preparation camps in cooperation with the UK.
To safeguard all members of the Team GB and Paralympics GB and the local residents in Japan, we will fully comply with COVID-19 Countermeasures upon the official Games ‘Playbooks’ (IOC, IPC, Tokyo 2020) and ‘Host Town Acceptance Manual’ (Cabinet Secretariat) as follows;

① Measures upon entry into and departure from Japan imposed on the delegation

  • All delegates need to self-isolate 14 days prior to the departure and have five COVID tests in total. They must obtain negative test certificate and submit it to the Quarantine Officer and/or at immigration control when they arrive in Japan.
  • All delegates need to do 14 days of health monitoring prior to departure and submit the record.
  • All delegates need to complete COVID-19 testing on arrival of the airport. (They will wait at the designated waiting area to get their test results).

② Measures during the Preparation Camps

a. Screening Test – All delegates who stay at camp sites will complete screening tests every day during their preparation camps.

b. Behavioral Management of the delegation – All delegates are restricted to travel only between their accommodation venues and their business destinations such as training venues.

c. Measures to avoid contact with the local residents – All delegates will use dedicated Games vehicles and do not use public transport. Any floors with Teamsʼ rooms booked will be blocked and separate flows to avoid contact with other hotel guests. The delegation also use their private dining room

③ Measures for Host Town staff

All staff members, who engage the preparation camps, in local governments, accommodation venues and training venues at Host Towns will be vaccinated (optional) and do 14 days of health monitoring including taking daily body temperatures. Also, they will have regular screening tests, depending on how close they get.

[ParalympicsGB Chef de Mission for the Tokyo Paralympic Games, Penny Briscoe]

We have been working closely and collaboratively with our partners in Yokohama, Kawasaki and Keio University to ensure that we can deliver successful Preparation facilities for our athletes. There has been a lot of planning across our teams in the UK and in Japan to prioritise the safety of our delegation and the health and safety of the Japanese public.

We will go beyond the measures outlined in the playbooks in a number of areas including testing to deliver a safe environment for the team. We are very grateful to our Japanese partners for working so closely with us to achieve this and our athletes are very aware of how hard everyone is working on their behalf and are looking forward to arriving in Japan.

[City of Yokohama Mayor, Fumiko Hayashi]

We have together been making preparations for the pre-Games training camps with everyone at the British Olympic Association (Team GB) for more than 5 years and at the British Paralympic Association (ParalympicsGB) for more than 3 years. Now, we will finally welcome the British national teams to the City of Yokohama.

In collaboration with Kawasaki City and Keio University, we will firmly support the pre-Games training camps based on a thorough implementation of measures against infections to ensure that citizens of the City of Yokohama can welcome the British teams without worry and the British athletes can all focus on their training so as to perform to the very best of their abilities during the Games.
The hosting of the pre-Games training camps this time is also a chance for us to further deepen and pass on to the next generation the bonds of friendship that have been fostered between the United Kingdom and City of Yokohama since the opening of its port to foreign trade back in 1859.

[Kawasaki City Mayor, Norihiko Fukuda]

The British national teams will finally be coming to Kawasaki City in order to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Together with the help of many people in Kawasaki City, including volunteers, we have prepared for hosting the British national teams’ arrival through classes at schools, the cooperation of businesses, and other partnerships. While the pre-Games training camps are of course immensely important for the athletes themselves, they are also a valuable opportunity for us to directly and indirectly experience the Olympic and Paralympic movements as well as to accelerate our own initiatives of the Kawasaki Para Movement.

Every possible measure against infections will be put in place when operating the pre-Games training camps so that the British athletes can all perform to their full potential on the ultimate stage that is the Olympics and Paralympics, and the citizens of Kawasaki City will have peace of mind.

[Keio University President, Kohei Itoh]

Keio University has a longstanding relationship with the United Kingdom, which began in 1862 with the founder of Keio University Yukichi Fukuzawa visiting the United Kingdom, and today, we have close ties with many British universities and institutions.

We are all delighted to welcome the British teams on this occasion. At Keio, a team of student volunteers established the KEIO 2020 project to show support for the British athletes by organizing various exchange events and making videos cheering on Team GB and ParalympicsGB. Furthermore, working with the City of Yokohama and Kawasaki City, at Hiyoshi Campus, we have been preparing a training venue with careful attention to measures to prevent infections to ensure that everyone, and in particular the local community, feels safe.  I hope that the athletes will be able to condition their bodies for optimal performance during the pre-Games training camps and be at their best while competing at the Games.