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“GO GB 2020” PR booth at “Goen Rakuichi”!

On February 2 (Sat.), “GO GB 2020” PR booths were set up at the “Goen Rakuichi” event, held at Kawasaki Civics Activities Center and at Nakahara Civic Hall, in Nakahara ward where Todoroki Athletics Stadium is located.

“Goen Rakuichi” is an event for citizen groups that engage in an array of activities within Kawasaki City to showcase their work.

On the day of the event, a lively scene could be seen at the various displays including panels for each group’s activities, a flea market, handicraft workshops, etc.

At the “GO GB 2020” PR booth, we promoted the up-and-coming pre-Games preparation camps in Kawasaki City to the citizen groups and event attendees.  A meeting was also held in conjunction with PR about the camps for those from the citizen groups.

Dance performance featuring NEC Dancers and Dance Laboratory at the Goen Rakuichi Opening Ceremony

What things were like at the Goen Rakuichi event

Nakahara’s eco promotion ambassador, “Roji-chan”, and Yuyu from the local-based idol group “GABU” that engages in activities mainly in Saiwai-Ku together cheered “GO GB” (which means “good luck, Britain”) for a picture.