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[Kawasaki City Event Report]“GO GB 2020” PR booths at “Sports Inclusion Fair” on 16 Feb. (Sat.)

PR booths for the Team GB pre-Games preparation camps were set up at the “Sports Inclusion Fair” that was held at Takatsu Sports Center. The “Sports Inclusion Fair” was held as an event for anyone, regardless of abilities and age, to enjoy sports. With many people, especially children, enjoying sports at the event, many event participants visited the “GO GB 2020” corner and wrote messages of support for Team GB at the up-and-coming 2020 Games!

There were a variety of activities, each as popular as the other with long waiting lines, at the event for people to try including things that people do not often have an opportunity to experience such as walking with prosthetic legs, using a wheel chair, playing boccia, etc.

Each activity was unique and exciting in its own way. For example, for the wheelchair activity, a silver medalist for Ice Hockey at the Vancouver Paralympic Games named Daisuke Uehara ran a presentation on how to use a wheelchair for all the participants. Everyone listened attentively while attempting to operate their wheelchairs, and after getting a feel for it engaged in several games/drills using their wheelchairs.

Overall the event was a fantastic success, and we were able to spread the word that Team GB is coming to Kawasaki in 2020!