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‘GO GB 2020’ PR Booth at ‘Kawasaki Civic Festival’!

‘Kawasaki Civic Festival’, held this year for the 41st time, showcases the appeal of Kawasaki to both those inside and outside of the city. Every year, a large number of people in and around the city visit Fujimi Park in Kawasaki Ward to participate in the festival.
This year, over three consecutive days from the 2nd to 4th of November, more than 500,000 people were recorded to have visited the site in total.
Many visitors also came to the Pre-Games Preparation Camp PR Booth, and more than 1,000 people gave warm-hearted messages of support to Team GB and ParalympicsGB!

Being thronged with youth and families over the course of three days 
Reactions from some of the visitors who first learned of the Team GB and ParalympicsGB Pre-Games Preparation Camp include:
‘Wondering if I could do anything for them by taking advantage of my experience studying in the UK’.
‘I would be able to enjoy 2020 Tokyo if I could get the chance to cheer another team besides Japan’.
‘I really love Great Britain, so I’m looking forward to it!’
Along with messages for Team GB and ParalympidsGB, we have asked visitors at the ‘GO GB 2020’ PR Booth to complete a simple questionnaire, and received 950 responses in 3 three days. We will make use of valuable opinions we received from everyone in our efforts toward the Team GB and ParalympicsGB Pre-Games Preparation Camp.