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[Report on Great Britain’s Pre-Games Preparation Camp in Yokohama: Part #2] Public training attended by 700 children!

Great Britain’s national swimming team held its pre-games preparation camp at the Yokohama International Pool between July 8th (Monday) and 16th (Tuesday), 2019. Training was opened to be public during the preparation camp on July 12th (Friday) and 13th (Saturday).

Great Britain’s national swimming team contains a large number of Olympic medalists.
The approximately 700 children who attended were able to watch some of the world’s top athletes swimming right in front of them.

The event started off with a commentary by Mr. Hayashi, Yokohama International Pool’s general manager, as the spectators watched the powerful swimming of the athletes. Team GB staff members explained to the children that they were about to start relay training and time training, to which the children cheered them on with loud shouts of “Go GB!”

When the training had finished, the team members and staff circulated around the stands where the children were sitting and answered their questions.

During question time, the children fired off a wide range of questions, such as “How many hours do you train every day?”, “What made you take up swimming?” and “How do you concentrate on your training?”.

James Guy, silver medalist at the 2016 Rio Olympics, explained to the children just how important working hard every day no matter what happens by saying, “I couldn’t swim until I was three years old. However, I discovered how much fun swimming can be while at school, and trained really hard to a stage where I was able to take part in local tournaments, and the result of this is what you see before you today.”

At the end, the athletes took commemorative photographs together with the children.

The children left for home with big smiles on their faces after enjoying this valuable experience.
In Part #3, we will cover Team GB members experiencing Japanese culture!