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Team GB CEO lecture jointly hosted by Kawasaki City and Yokohama City on Friday, December 4th!

Kawasaki City along with Yokohama City held a lecture event by Team GB’s CEO, Bill Sweeny, titled“Delivering Success After A Home Olympics”.

Pictures of the event’s location: Kawasaki City’s Industry Promotion Assembly Hall

Before the lecture, the Mayor of Kawasaki City, Mayor Fukuda, delivered an official greeting to welcome Mr. Sweeny, and said that ‘as hosts, Kawasaki wishes to continue to cheer on British teams. Kawasaki also wants to get everyone else to use the slogan GOGB to support Team GB, and get excited for both the pre-Games preparation camps as well as the Tokyo 2020 Games’.

At the beginning of his lecture, Mr. Sweeny presented a video showcasing highlights from the Rio 2016 Games, and expressed that ‘we believe that Tokyo 2020 will be an incredibly successful Olympic Games’.
At the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Team GB acquired a number of medals landing them in second place in the world next to America (coming in first place) for total medals won that year. It is in this context that the pre-Games preparation camps can be said to have had an impact on the success at the Games. Moreover, for the 2020 Tokyo Games, Sweeny said that ‘we expect the climate to be a big factor’, and added that ‘we feel very happy with this venue (in Kawasaki) because it is so close to Tokyo’.

In addition, Mr. Sweeny pointed out that there is a higher degree of interest than in previous Games according to data that indicate that ‘the current survey results show that 94% of the population of the UK will follow Tokyo 2020’. Mr. Sweeny also touched on the 2019 Rugby World Cup as well and then expressed that in anticipation of the 2020 Tokyo Games, saying that ‘you might be surprised at the number of tourists who come, not only for the World Cup next year, but also for 2020’.