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[Yokohama City] Kohoku Ward Office, Hiyoshi Shopping District and KEIO2020 Project release a video message to cheer on Team GB.

“Welcome to Yokohama!” “Rooting for you!

The pre-Games training camp of Team GB has finally started! Kohoku Ward Office, in compliance with Covid-19 countermeasures, has made a video message to cheer on Team GB with KEIO2020 Project, the project team run by Keio University students who support Team GB (at Keio) during the camp period.

photo:Shooting a video in front of a flower shop at Hiyoshi Shopping District

On June 24, the season of chirping cicadas, we filmed a video at Hiyoshi Shopping District.
Together with local residents in Yokohama, we deliver our message, “Welcome to Yokohama” and “GO GB!” with our love and friendship.

video:Hiyoshi Shopping District

photo:Shooting a video at Hiyoshi Shopping District

Delivering messages in relay-style

The video message filmed by Hiyoshi Shopping District, Kohoku Ward Office and KEIO2020 Project is now on our Instagram page in relay-style, with 15 seconds each.
Please check it out at the official website of KEIO2020 Project:

The City of Yokohama continues to deepen friendships with the UK and sincerely hopes to stay in touch in various fields.