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[Yokohama City Event Report] December 03 (Monday): “Seminar for Learning About the United Kingdom and Yokohama” Learning from The United Kingdom’s Inclusive Society Culture] Implemented as Part of the Project for Recruiting a Host Town for Great Britain’s Preparation Camp!

The City of Yokohama has been moving ahead with initiatives in various fields related to the host town for Great Britain’s preparation camp in order to foster opportunities for welcoming the GB national team to Japan ahead of 2020.
Welcoming guests from Great Britain’s Olympic Committee, Yoshie Kurisu held a seminar focusing on the inclusive society of Great Britain and held a program providing experiences of British culture.

The seminar was attended by approximately fifty people who had applied in advance, and the British House, where the seminar was held, was filled almost to capacity. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Here is a brief introduction to the seminar.
The seminar started with a speech by Bill Sweeny, the CEO of the British Olympic Committee.
During his speech, Bill said, “The Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics provide us with a valuable opportunity to spread the word about Japan’s culture, etc., throughout the world. Yokohama will also be the first place that the young team GB athletes experience when they arrive in Japan. I pray that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be a wonderful event.”

In 2016, Ms. Kurisu took part in the flag handover ceremony at the Rio Paralympics as a stage advisor.
She then decided that she wanted to foster coaches capable of providing guidance for disabled people in order to adopt aerial training (techniques for aerial stage performances) in Japan, and consequently invited coaches from the United Kingdom to train coaches over here. She has collaborated with UK artist teams up until now, and intends to take an active role in ensuring that this continues.
She states that her aim is to ensure that both disabled people and people without disabilities can come together to take part in programs from 2021 that enable disabled people to engage in activities as they like and at the level they prefer within their own community.

*1: An NPO established under the concept of slowing down the pace of the currently fast-moving society a little so that everybody can enjoy their lives. It aims at creating a society that is in accord with diversity through the power of art.

*2: People who remove all barriers from the stage and create environments that promote creativity so that disabled artists can perform.

*3: Escorts who accompany disabled artists onto the stage and collaboratively expand their potential.

After this speech, a group of musicians who love Celtic music from Keio University, where it has been decided that Team GB will hold its preparation camp, gave a performance. They had practiced a number of English songs especially for this day.

Members of the Design Team Liviu spared some of their time to assist in the teatime portion of the evening, and served slightly large volumes of traditional English fare (mince pies, sausage rolls, shortbread). The food was slightly different to what is normally served during afternoon tea, which is a little more refined. Hopefully, they will serve an authentic afternoon tea next time.

The World Christmas 2018 event was held in annex 8 of the Yamate Seiyoukan in December. Ms. Kasai and Ms. Ishihata of Design Team Liviu decorated the British House with a wonderful array of British-style Christmas decorations. Some of these decorations were also on display at the venue.

The event was carried out on a high note thanks to the speeches, performances, teatime and the British atmosphere.
We are looking forward to the next time!